Daido 2013-2014 Students (13)Our Barrhaven Kungfu & Wushu classes are held at the Walter Baker Sports Center on Sunday afternoons.

Chinese Kungfu and Wushu is focused on developing the entire body, including the joints and muscles. Besides the physical health benefits, Chinese Martial Arts offers many mental and emotional benefits. Experience in the arts leads to enhanced reflexes as well as the ability to react in difficult situations that require self-defense. It can tone the mind to have stronger instincts and more controlled panic during emergencies.

For children, martial arts teach discipline, increased concentration, confidence, politeness, love, compassion, peace and honesty. A child learns humility when he/she fails as well as acquiring the endurance to lift his/herself back up after a defeat. Most importantly, a child is taught to respect and to give respect where it is due – parents, relatives, friends, and even enemies. Despite martial arts being a fighting sport, a child is taught to honor life – that the techniques they are learning are not to be used to harm others and only to be used in self-defense.

These are important life lessons that are often neglected throughout elementary and high school that every child should learn in order to live a healthy childhood.

We currently offer three different classes:

1) Fundamentals of Shaolin Kungfu for Children (age 6+)

2) Shaolin Kungfu – Advanced Techniques for Children (age 10+)

3) Kungfu Self-Defense (age 13+)

For more information about our 2016-2017 class offerings, take a look at this post.