FOCCO 2012 1Opened in September 2004, Daido Academy is devoted to promoting the interest and participation of Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Traditional Dance, and Taichi. The goal of the academy is fostering goodwill and sportsmanship; improvement of health, flexibility, strength, mind, body and spirit. Our Academy offers two different styles of Chinese Martial Arts: the Traditional style and new Wushu style, as well as Taichi. Further, we offer traditional dance classes for all age groups from young children to adults.

Incorporated in January 2006, Daido Academy became an approved non-profit organization based in Ottawa, Ontario, with the new name “Volunteers Martial Arts Club”.

Since September 2007, in addition to Martial Arts and Taichi classes,  we have expanded to offer a variety of Chinese cultural dance classes for different age groups ranging from children, youth to adults,  as well as fitness dancing to promote cultural awareness and personal and community enrichment for all age groups.

Not only we offer classes in Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese dances, we also participate in various cultural and charitable events, as well as festivals to showcase the diversity of Chinese culture.